Simply Greta ~ Greta Wallace of Brooklyn, NY

Aaaaaahhhh…meet Simply Greta. This was a wonderful event to attend. Very private home garden setting with trees, statues, artwork, live music, hors d’oeuvres & vintage wines. Greta is just visiting from New York but has been working her comfortable earthy fashions and wearable art pieces since February, when I first met her at the African Market in Baldwin Hills. Her designs drape onto you and have that easy breezy relaxing flow. She took time to style one of her models in this photo shoot live which was a pleasure to watch. Thanks Greta for the fabulous lapis lazuli & copper ring I purchased-Omg I love it soooo much!! (I will show you guys later what I got) Find Greta at 759 Crown Street, Brooklyn, NY 11213. Facebook-Greta Wallce or email:

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