Marlon Wayans makes us LOL!!! 🤩🤣😁

Go see Marlon!!! He is hilarious in this movie. We got to see the screening and he came out to speak on how this was one of the toughest things he’s had to do and he is most proud of it too. I think he did an excellent job along with the cast & crew. I can’t pick my favorite character because they were all so GOOD 👏

Love Bailey

If you haven’t seen her yet just know that she works all the designs I have created and collaborated with Ms. Love Bailey 🥰

Let me teach you how to SEW!

Anyone can learn anything… it just takes time and patience. Pop in to our Sewing Classes any Sunday 11-1p at Fabric Planet in Venice, Ca. Great fabrics, amazing customer service & sewing classes with me on Sundays!!! Let’s take a look behind the scenes at some of our students creating!!