Love Bailey

If you haven’t seen her yet just know that she works all the designs I have created and collaborated with Ms. Love Bailey 🥰

Cheers to Runway Rhythm!!

We made it happen in Las Vegas!! It was a lot of work but I applaud everyone who participated in this Fashion Show which was sponsored by The Links of Las Vegas.



This 2014 has been a awesome ride! It has been great meeting so many talented people and finding common ground. There is an Artist in all of us and we can all stand tall exposing what naturally is given to us. I always welcome you here to PLLATFORM. Thanks for stopping by \( * : * )/
Below are some inspirations to bring in the New Year!!!




The Voice of Mirraje – Christie Malone

Low and behold….Christie Mirraje! This women has a sultry, soothing and sonic sound coming from her vocals. Miss Mirraje was a delight to encounter last night. She covers music that you don’t mind listening to over and over again. Not only that, she puts her own little twist on top of it! Christie Malone sang songs from Beyonce, Tina Marie, Anita Baker, Pharrell & more. Book her for your next event.
Find her on
by email
by phone 310-756-9110



Faces at Ethos ~ March 2014

YRU Brand Moon Walkers


Shoe fashion is becoming more interesting these days. These YRU’s that look like moon walkers to me, is called Qozmopolitan. This YRU sneaker glows in an iridescent gold, has a 4 inch heel and 3 1/2 inch platform and to top it all off it is accented by a triangular print. The guy that was in them could not stop moving around…Lol I’m surprised I got a good photo 🙂 Well, you can go straight to to find more shoe styles like this. Please let me know what else you thought was a wild & crazy shoe!