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Love Bailey

If you haven’t seen her yet just know that she works all the designs I have created and collaborated with Ms. Love Bailey 🥰

Cheers to Runway Rhythm!!

We made it happen in Las Vegas!! It was a lot of work but I applaud everyone who participated in this Fashion Show which was sponsored by The Links of Las Vegas.


BET Experience 2014 Fashion Show

BETX Fash3BETX Fash2
BETX Fash5 BETX Fash6 BETX Fash7 BETX Fash8 BETX Fash9 BETX Fash10 BETX Fash11 BETX Fash12 BETX Fash13


LA Live was just that at the BET Experience Fashion Show in Downtown Los Angeles. People in fashion everywhere!! All urban looks on the catwalk from head to toe giving you ball-caps, ripped jeans, hot pants & midriff tops.