Enter the “World of Wonder” Friends!! Celebrity Pop Artist SHAM IBRAHIM lights up Hollywood boulevard with his decorated walls of Pop Art. Upon arrival the doors open up to the red carpet with walk throughs from Janice Dickerson, Lisa Rinna, Perez Hilton, Guitarist Lita Ford, Ru Paul’s Drag Race winner “Raja”, TV personality & author James St. James, Courtney Stodden, actor Stephen Kramer Glickman, and many more….Go to & (search Sham) for behind the scenes & details you don’t want to miss.


I was amazed at his gallery of wall to wall celebrity paintings. Snoop Dog, Betsy Johnson, Mickey & Miley Cyrus, Obama, Easy-E, Joan Rivers, Anna Nicole, Ru Paul, Paris Hilton, and even Sham himself! His art speaks in this colorful moment of who each person represents at that place in time. Thanks Sham for inspiring us with your artist talents!

Sham Ibrahim – American Artist, Actor & Film Maker





Sham Ibrahim - American Artist, Actor & Film Maker

You will do a double take here folks!! Ran into Sham at LA Fashion Week. Very open and intriguing. His artwork is something that will make your eyes pop (Pop Art). Known to have given away celebrity portraits of Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Bobby Brown, Ru Paul, Carmen Electra…and the list goes on! Check out his site anytime at