Micah James ~ Behind the Scenes Video “Said Too Much”

MICAH JAMES TAKES THE PLLATFORM ~ I’ve gathered lots of behind the scenes photos for an upcoming video called “Said Too Much” featuring Artist Micah James. Today, inspiration filled the room on this shoot! Absolutely everyone contributed his or her full talent here. Micah’s lyrics have you in deep thought and the vibration of the bass keeps you pumped…no lie. The Director Nathan Kim pieced everything together along with key people as James Outlaw, Theodore “Teddy” Gilliam (Production), Jake Weinraub (Camera Asst), Ryan Granich (Lighting), Rene Vas (Art Dir), Astrid Gallegos (Wardrobe), Cheyenne Sarfati (Makeup), Nina Lucas (Hair), Miguel Zarate (Choreographer) & Joe Gabler and Nick White (Extremely Hardworking Prod. Asst). I’m so sure you will find these guys on FB, Instagram, Twitter, etc. I reccomend using anyone from the entire cast & crew for A-1 service.

CIMG2818 CIMG2821 CIMG2852


CIMG2678 CIMG2680 CIMG2692 CIMG2699 CIMG2700 CIMG2708 CIMG2717 CIMG2728 CIMG2732 CIMG2733 CIMG2736 CIMG2738 CIMG2741 CIMG2748 CIMG2750 CIMG2754 CIMG2812 CIMG2815 CIMG3052 CIMG3053


CIMG2839 CIMG2864

CIMG2840 CIMG2844 CIMG2850
CIMG2885 CIMG2887 CIMG2888 CIMG2889 CIMG2893 CIMG2894 CIMG2903 CIMG2904 CIMG2905 CIMG2906 CIMG2907 CIMG2910 CIMG2926 CIMG2928 CIMG2944 CIMG2946 CIMG2951 CIMG2963 CIMG2970 CIMG2972 CIMG2976 CIMG2980 CIMG2983 CIMG3004 CIMG3030 CIMG3035

CIMG2710 CIMG3024 CIMG3030

Simply Greta ~ Greta Wallace of Brooklyn, NY

Aaaaaahhhh…meet Simply Greta. This was a wonderful event to attend. Very private home garden setting with trees, statues, artwork, live music, hors d’oeuvres & vintage wines. Greta is just visiting from New York but has been working her comfortable earthy fashions and wearable art pieces since February, when I first met her at the African Market in Baldwin Hills. Her designs drape onto you and have that easy breezy relaxing flow. She took time to style one of her models in this photo shoot live which was a pleasure to watch. Thanks Greta for the fabulous lapis lazuli & copper ring I purchased-Omg I love it soooo much!! (I will show you guys later what I got) Find Greta at 759 Crown Street, Brooklyn, NY 11213. Facebook-Greta Wallce or email: simplygreta1@msn.com.

Faces at Ethos ~ March 2014


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I was incredibly wowed by the henna tattoos applied free hand by the lovely Neha Assar. Her model is practically nude but dressed with this art form called Mehndi or henna designs. For over 18 years Neha has shown her true love and affection in her work through her timeless skills. She diligently worked on this design pictured for over 10 hours…and was still motivated to continue doing more. If you ever want to feel the total essence of art scrolled temporarily on your skin, I suggest you give Neha a call. (562) 301-1283. Also check her out on FB,  Instagram – info@nehaassar.com and http://www.nehaassar.com.