All Smiles ~ Joey Love

Drake All Smiles


{Snap shots from the sketchbook of Joey Love}

Joey Love is one talented young lady that is emerging in the art world. She does off the cuff sketches, paintings and soon to start her own t-shirt line. Here is one of my favorite sketches that I call “Drake All Smiles”. I love how she shadows in all the emotions through the lines and shades in the tinniest little marks like stubble so you can get the full effect of this individual. To see more of Joey Love or order artwork, try her at

Pharrell Williams – Master Collaborator


The man of the hour and all time collaborator, Mr. Pharrell Williams knows how to keep you interested. His interview in The Red Bulletin (A Red Bull Magazine that definitely has wings)…truly speaks to you with a very open mind. Pharrell has topped the charts with “Blurred Lines” & currently “Happy” of the “Despicable Me” movie & creative 24 hour video. He’s at the top of my list for being one of the many creative minds of the century.

It’s Tracy Kennedy ~ Celebrity Makeup Artist

Ever wonder how those celebrity faces get that flawless look? Wonder no more….Tracy Kennedy is one to watch out for. I found him at LA Style Fashion Week dressed in powder blue from head-to-toe. Curiosity had me approach him to ask…”What is it that you do?” He kindly hands me a 1 3/4″ by 2″ business card that I almost miss placed-it felt like it was a golden ticket! Known for making the faces of Rihanna, Fantasia & Brittany Spears, he not only does makeup but now has a YouTube channel called Apollo Night LA Radio – Monday @ 7pm. He can be found on



Herakut ~ Street Artists




Herakut are two very gratifying German street artists that work together as one. They bring out those deep emotions that were bottled up inside of you for so long. To me, their work speaks the truth in the most mysterious ways. They do huge art pieces on walls & buildings across the world like Banksy (another favorite of mine). I was so blessed to have found this work here in Los Angeles located in the heart of China Town. “With our thoughts we make the world” See what they are up to by searching their images [Herakut Graffiti]

The Voice of Mirraje – Christie Malone

Low and behold….Christie Mirraje! This women has a sultry, soothing and sonic sound coming from her vocals. Miss Mirraje was a delight to encounter last night. She covers music that you don’t mind listening to over and over again. Not only that, she puts her own little twist on top of it! Christie Malone sang songs from Beyonce, Tina Marie, Anita Baker, Pharrell & more. Book her for your next event.
Find her on
by email
by phone 310-756-9110



Edwin Candelaria ~ Hair Stylist/Makeup Artist


Edwin is one of a kind. His vibe and personality are always geared towards fun! Making his way from the East Coast he now resides on the West Coast here in Los Angeles. He has styled various industry events and continues doing so as he is seriously passionate about his skills. He is my go to guy for hair care needs. Thank you Edwin for all of my hairstyles over the years. Oh, and by the way, in this photo he is wearing one of my designer bridal headpieces. It’s nice when you have friends that can compliment each other through fashion. If you would like to use his services, find him on Facebook or email

YRU Brand Moon Walkers


Shoe fashion is becoming more interesting these days. These YRU’s that look like moon walkers to me, is called Qozmopolitan. This YRU sneaker glows in an iridescent gold, has a 4 inch heel and 3 1/2 inch platform and to top it all off it is accented by a triangular print. The guy that was in them could not stop moving around…Lol I’m surprised I got a good photo 🙂 Well, you can go straight to to find more shoe styles like this. Please let me know what else you thought was a wild & crazy shoe!